Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tough Guise 2 // What are Little Boys Made of? 9

Tough Guise 2:
It was enjoyable learning about how feminism correlates with male/masculinity. I knew that feminism was not only concerning women, but all genders. Not many people (especially males) realize that feminism is not a female-only movement. Feminists are usually stereotyped as man-hating raging lesbians, and I don't blame them because some of our kind act this way by blaming men for everything.Violence is definitely the main focus on masculinity. Men and boys alike are being taught to be tough, not be a "sissy", not cry, and remain emotionless through movies, media and video games, and of course every day life because it is our social norm and definitely apart of manhood. In Tough Guise 2, it was said, "Men's violence is inevitable. It's a natural phenomenon." It was also mentioned that violence is natural to a male because of their high testosterone levels. Because of social norms, people put the pressure on men that they only way to resolve problems is to fight.
Another point Tough Guise 2 made was that when women act out, their gender becomes the story, but like when a man of color does, race becomes the story. I never thought of putting it that way. There are also different phrases used. Just this past week there was a blonde woman KING PIN arrested, and she was called ADORABLE, but all these other men, men who were shot and killed with no weapon or no felonies, gets labeled a thug.

What are Little Boys Made of? by Kimmel
I cannot believe the assumptions that critics have said about feminism, especially, "America has been so focused on girls that we've forgotten about boys." which is always an ongoing debate because men and boys never seem to be the main discussion in the media because in return there are men who firmly believe men are suppose to be masculine. The comparison of Norwegian, French or Swiss boys not being as violent, homophobic and misogynist as American boys concerns me because it is a problem in America. We are the last ones for everything because our government can never agree one something that will better our country.

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