Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Unslut is a documentary created by Emily Lindin to teach about slut shaming and it's affects on girls of all ages. Emily Lindin, the founder of the Unslut Project, takes you through several true stories of girls who have been slut shamed during their grade school years. Throughout the documentary, we hear the thoughts form family and friends who went through the experiences with the girls and how it affected them. The Unslut Project began when Emily Lindon was slut-shamed when she was very young. This motivated her to start the Unslut Project in 2013 and post entries from her diary when she was younger to help and inspire girls to do the same. She opened this forum so that all genders can have a safe place to share their stories. This documentary was definitely eye opening for me because we all have slut shamed in the past and sometimes people just like to start tumors because they have nothing else better to do with their lives. I'm glad Lindin has started this movement because a lot of celebrities, like Amber Rose, has contributed to the awareness of slut shamming happening everywhere. 

I'm sorry to say, but young men are being raised into rape culture, as seen in Tough Guise 2. Men are taught to praise the female body for it's wondrous curves , but shame it at the same time. Society is teaching men that it's okay for them only to have sex often but a woman cannot be sexually liberated herself. When a woman is sexually liberated, she is deemed as a slut. When speaking on sex positivity, we as a society should promote safe sex, instead of shaming women who are free to do whatever they want. 

Monday, December 7, 2015


Sunday, December 6, 2015

i don't like the number 12

I've always thought of the most powerful way to get rid of racism and systematic oppression was through POC standing up for ourselves, I now understand that in order to alter the world and history, our white allies do need to stand up with us. Many claim they aren't racist nor support racism but will not speak up when a racist act is being performed. I understand the fear that people have when it comes to speaking up on behalf of others, but sitting on the sidelines and not stopping it just makes you apart of the problem because you are unintentionally participating. Participating in racist acts is not the wave. On the other hand it is very difficult to help change the views of racist people, hence why many think it's pointless to even try.

Ayvazian explains what an ally and allied behavior is in her article. Allied behavior is, "intentional, overt, consistent activity that challenges prevailing patterns of oppression, makes privileges that are so often invisible, and facilitates the empowerment of persons targeted by oppression." For example, Bernie Sanders is an ally. Donald Trump is FARRRRRRR from it. My favorite quote from this article was Ayvazian quoting William Stickland, "When a critical mass of white people join together, rise up, and shout a thunderous "No!" to racism, we will actually alter the course of history."

Tim Wise