Saturday, September 12, 2015

Talking Point #1

Rowe-Funkbeiner, "A Tsunami in History" from the F-Word; Feminism in Jeopardy


Reading the first article made me raise questions about race in the Feminism world. I don’t exactly consider myself a feminist because of that matter. I do consider myself a womanist, which is a type of feminism but concerning racial and gender oppression of our black women. On page 26, ___ states, “Many allege that the second wave represented mainly the concerns of middle and upper class white women,” and it’s just that. Even now there is a difference between “white feminism” and “black feminism”. Most middle class white women now in the third wave are not as discriminated against as black women still are. In the passage on page 27, Susan Brownmiller responded to the question of, “Do you think women of color were excluded in the second wave?” and she responded with something along the lines of, “Definitely not, but they were “torn” because of civil rights issues with black men.” I thought that statement was complete bullshit. What is feminism? It’s equality among all gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle, right? So why wouldn’t civil rights be included? In the third wave of feminism today, some, not all are more concerned about things like “Free the Nipple” instead of more important problems at hand. I do understand the frustration of the female body being sexualized by man when breasts are just breasts and nothing more, but there’s more to it. We as women should not be fighting to prove that we are better than men, but to fight to prove that we are more than capable to work along side men as equals in all sense to the word.


  1. Hello! I support you on you blog post!!! I so agree that all women or young women of any color, race, etc. should be able to be joined together and not have separate rights just because of their color and race. What kind of craziness is that? I believe that everyone is high-class and all these things. But how is that fair to other women who are not under that category?

  2. I LOVE THAT YOU MENTIONED FREE THE NIPPLE!!! That is such an important modern feminist movement! It represents so much if this article in the sense that it empowered women and challenged the stereotype that women shouldn't show their naked bodies.

  3. Hey, I really loved your post & I look forward to meeting you in class. I mentioned you in my post just so you know :)

  4. Wow. I completely agree with you. Most people now a days would probably dismiss that there is a difference between white and black feminism. Most people probably don't even fully understand what feminism really is. You last sentence says it all.
    And thank you for mentioning "Free the Nipple," I understand that they are trying to make people realize that men should not sexualize breasts. However, you are so right when you said that there are more important problems at hand. I wish more people could read this blog because you're insightful and convincing. I truly think people would change their point of view because of what you said. Great Job.

  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Amen babygurl!!

    I'm glad that you understand and know what a feminist is and you consider yourself a womenist. I don't think many people know what a womenist is because now all you see is "YEAH I'M A FEMINIST" but they don't necessarily know what they really are.

    Unfortunately, heterosexual men who see a female's nipple go crazy. Their saliva just comes right out of their mouth. But the Free the Nipple campaign is such a great example to use for this reading.

    Very nice job!