Sunday, September 20, 2015

Talking Point #2

Oppression - Marilyn Frye

Firstly, I just like to say that in the article, the explanation of oppression was definitely not as knee deep as I would have hoped. It was definitely sugar coated and should not have been thought of or compared to as a bird in a cage, maybe an electric cage but not an ordinary one especially since because oppression is more common now more than ever.

"The statement that women are oppressed is frequently met with the claim that men are oppressed too. We hear that oppressing is oppressive to those who oppress as well as to those they oppress. Some men cite as evidence of their oppression on their much -advertised inability to cry."

I'm not sure how I feel about this quote because I don't understand how man can think they are oppressed when they "made up" these gender norms per se. Masculinity is very much so praised in society, but only when it's a cis male. Even [some] women won't accept a man who shows much emotion. I do understand to a point where they are "oppressed" but I wouldn't even call it oppressed...there has to be another word out there.

"Both heterosexual activity and heterosexual nonactivity are likely to be taken as proof that you wanted to be raped, and hence, of course, weren't really raped at all. You can't win. You are caught in a bind, caught between systematically related pressures."

Frye is definitely right when she said, "You can't win" because you really can't. Most people think that because women get raped they were "asking for it" by wearing "provocative clothing." In most instances, women are in normal every day clothing when raped.

Question: I do have a question regarding last weeks article that I've been thinking of since then; How come homophobia is often feared when talking about feminism? We are fighting for equality amongst all genders and sexes and women are worried about being called a lesbian? I don't understand.


  1. I agree there is no gray area, it's either a black or white type of society.

    As far as your question, i think the labeling is the issue, why does everyone need to categorized?


  2. I hate the excuses and abuse of people that say that how a women dresses is asking to be raped. It is horrible! I don't believe the oppressor has an excuse for being violent, I know people are nuts, but they also need to be held responsible.

  3. Answer to your question- I think its the fact that if your a lesbian you date women, and heterosexual women don't want to "scare off" potential men.